the rage for battle royale games started with the release of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for PC and continued with the development of PUBG Mobile, the version adapted and optimized for mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.
Unfortunately, the size and graphics of this game in which we had to survive whatever it took on an island fighting against dozens of enemies with the very few resources available, made it impossible for many users with low-end phones to enjoy the battle royale excitement.
PUBG Mobile has made a trend for the mobile gaming community with an enormous number of players, one of the most successful mobile games, delivering the best gaming experience from PC to Mobile. Although there is a large community, PUBG Mobile still cannot fill the virtual world because games require a high configuration that no mobile device can run.

In order to make PUBG Mobile more popular, Tencent has been making every effort to bring PUBG Mobile to more people. So PUBG Mobile LITE project has been implemented and has been officially completed. PUBG Mobile Lite is another version of PUBG Mobile that removes some features. It is for low-end Android devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite Mod Features:
- Guarantee the Original PUBG Mobile experience:
- The good quality graphics and HD audio
- The Realistic Weapon System
- Team up with your friends
- Say no to hacking and cheating
- The installation size is reduced to about 30MB.
- Works on mobile devices with just 1GB of RAWM.
- The size of the map has been dropped to not overload the phone.
- Compatible with more devices as it works on Android 4.0.3 and above.

Other Improvements:
- Apperances of some outfits have been adjusted.
- Voice chat quality improved and data usage reduced.
- Main menu effects have been adjusted.
- Inventory effects have been adjusted.
- Added dead teammates on minimap.
- Flight routes have been optimized.
- Terrain effects have been adjusted.

Official, lighter, same experience is the slogan of the game. Overall, PUBG MOBILE LITE is a great choice for low- configuration phones. However, I still encourage you to experience PUBG Mobile if you love Battle Royale and your phone meets the configuration requirements. Now, you can download this game on Google Play or APK file in the links below this article.
Not Just A Game. This Is Battle Royale.

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