FMWhatsApp Apk by Fouad Latest Version

FMWhatsApp Apk by Fouad Latest Version

Although WhatsApp is one of the most installed applications on smartphones all over the world, this long list of the improvements implemented by FMWhatsApp - Fouad WhatsApp shows us that the app owned by Facebook is far from perfect. For such reason, this MOD includes all the following features, functions, and modifications like increasing the length of your status to 250 characters, increasing the limit of videos you can send up to 1 GB, and much more..

Just like any other WhatsApp MOD, you won't be able to find Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp in the official Google Play Store as it goes against the rules of the Internet giant as it's based on the original source code of the official application. However, that doesn't mean that it's dangerous. Furthermore, its developer states that it has been prepared to avoid bans by the official messaging system.

This mod is packed with some state of the art exquisite features that are not only rare to be found but are also quite difficult to compile. It’s like WhatsApp on steroids. FMWhatsApp has been developed by Fouad Mods which have been in the market for a while now and are popular to come up with most user-friendly mods. Most people are having fine by using default versions of WhatsApp and that makes sense. But power users might be better off with using FMWhatsApp instead. The reason being that features available on this mod are far superior to that of present in the default versions.

Fouad WhatsApp Application Main Features:
- Multiple accounts of WhatsApp can be managed by the users of FMWhatsApp.
- Supports audio and video Calling with new UI.
- Change app launcher and notifications icon.
- No need of loading for media preview.
- Hide the Last Seen option.
- Click and copy anyone’s status.
- Show “Online / Last Seen” on the main screen.
- Themes Store with 100+ Styles to download.
- Choose from 30+ Ticks & Bubbles styles.
- Privacy and Theme modifications.
- Send video size up to 1GB (instead of 32MB).
- Add up to 250 characters in your status field.
- Big emojis, Ban proof and much more!
To try out this version, you only need to download the APK file from download link below and install it directly to your device.

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