Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod Apk  [Unlimited Crystal, Skull + Data]

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod Apk [Unlimited Crystal, Skull + Data]

"Shadow of Death: Dark Knight" overall style of the main dark style, delicate quality, angular, the game screen with bright red as a weapon, monster, blood color, making the game as a whole dark repression, so that players more focused To experience the game unique to the player experience.
Because it is a 2D sketch style of the pass action mobile games, in the overall game screen, does not have too much gorgeous costumes and exaggerated action effects, coupled with 2D reasons, making this mobile phone handset configuration and nothing Requirements, the overall game space less than 100MB, but this does not affect the game. The small memory used during runtime also makes the game very smooth at run time (with the current FPS value displayed in the lower right corner of the game), giving the player a better gaming experience.
In the game operation, the standard left-handed right-handed attack button layout so that players can quickly adapt to, but note that the jump and the forward button are in the right hand, the control of the walk is a pre-avoid monster attack must learn, Because in the absence of sufficiently high monster damage before the armor is still very high.
The main interface of the game is still the dark style consistent with the fighting picture, the top row of a row is physical strength, you can see the number of ads (see ads can be resurrected, one board can only be used once), crystal, soul, crystal, and soul can The black market to buy things, but the soul most of the equipment used to upgrade.

When the battle begins, each stickman needs to fight against many dangerous monsters. This battle is so hard that you have to try your best to win, using multiple skills and swiftness. Do not forget to avoid physical attacks as well as magical attacks from monsters.

The graphics in Shadow of Death are inspired by light and darkness, which creates a great contrast. In addition, the spectacular effects will make you stunned. Use some powerful magic and burn the darkness world.

What’s new in Shadow of Death version!
- Fixed passive skill of weapon did not work.
- Fixed bug claim Arena reward.
- Fixed some minors bug.
- development team is continually improving the game to deliver the best mobile entertainment.

Mega Mod:
- Max Level
- All Skill Unlocked
- All Character Unlocked
- Unlimited crystals
- Unlimited souls
- Unlimited tickets
- Unlimited Boosters
- Unlimited Exp

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